Saturday, 2 June 2012

Beautiful Records

 Although not officially released until August, the Lido Vinyl and CD have arrived.

It's the first time I've collaborated on album artwork with another artist. The cover itself is designed by Frances Castle who runs Claypipe Music who will be releasing the CD edition.

Each recycled card cover of the CD edition is hand Glocko printed by Frances herself. The CD all comes with a 16 page booklet with line and water colour drawings of all the Lidos.

The 12inch has been pressed onto a beautiful marine blue coloured vinyl and also comes with the booklet. It will be released by WIAIWYA records.

Like many artists I've been trying to make the physical editions of records these days as pretty and as covertable as possible.

I hope you like it and buy it.

- Darren

1 comment:

  1. um, if you have them now why do we have to wait like 10 more weeks to actually buy them? confused :s